Four Seasons, Langkawi

It was a very fine day when I was at Langkawi. Bright and sunny, breezy and beautiful, I really enjoyed myself in Langkawi till I walk into Four Seasons Resort. Its sight was amazing, just like a tropical island in heaven. It amazed me with its landscape and its price too but it was worth it. They have perfect exercising facilities where adults with athlete’s soul can build a slim body and nice muscles. Even kids who strive to become fit went to For Season’s gym to work out and it work like magic if u really put an effort to it. The family pool was huge and calm compared to other hotels that I had been to because there are not many people crowding at the pool causing sound pollution.

Kids are not left out in this resort because they have a kids club. Activities such as Batik painting, kite making, friendship bracelet making and more are conducted there. Teens are not too old to join the kids club too but they might feel bored there and so Four Seasons conducted a Teens and Together time for all teenager with activities such as Full Langkawi Island Heli-Tour, rock climbing, archery and other challenging yet fun activities. The older generations are not left out too. Although Four Seasons does not conduct any activities for them, they still enjoyed their stay because they love the landscape of the resort. Some old people went for yoga and spa as they can relax in their own way because everyone has their own way in doing anything.

Let’s not forget to interact with nature because Four Seasons’ Geopark Discovery Centre conduct tours to a mangrove forest situated near the resort. It was about 3 hours for a tour. The tour guides where filled with knowledge about the mangrove forest and everything we asked they always know the answer. My tour guide is a senior naturalist who had the experience for more than ten years, he was so amazing that he can recognize mostly everything in this mangrove forest. Of course readers might expect him to know everything maybe he knows everything but I don’t know it or not everyone is perfect. There is a prove to it, if you know yourself so much, did you know why did your parents or grandparents name you the name that you have? Through the mangrove tour, time passes very fast and that ended the tour. I learned many valuable knowledge that might help not only me, but the world in the future. I have also seen two kinds of eagles, monkey, beautiful birds, snake and fish throughout the tour and it was a pleasure to meet the tour guide.

Activities that are provided at Four Seasons are amazingly fun but even if the day is rainy where most activities can’t be conduct, you can always relax in your pavilion or villa. I stayed in the Family beach villa with pool and it was great. The villa blend in with nature and just staying there makes me feel more connected to the nature and just then I realized that I really need to come back there with a friend of mine. It was superb because the villa have an Xbox for me to enjoy. I played Fifa 16 and Gears of wars all day and it was fun.

Compliments to the service there and thank you for your hard work in taking care of our room and breakfast. There is a bit of sadness for the breakfast buffet, the choices are a bit limited and so I would like to suggest in enlarging the varieties of food provided because as for teens and kids, they are quite picky. The staff of Four Seasons in Langkawi was perfect, all qualities were achieve and I was glad that I and a chance to stay in Four Seasons. Those memories will come back soon as when I grow up, I will come back to Four Seasons for a splendid holiday.




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