About This Blog

Hi, I am Song Hye Jin, also known as Envy Jeanne or Entertainmentelite. I am quite a newbie in this blogging life and I have no idea where to start. After some thinking, I guess that it should be a blog where it contains every aspect, just like a Wikipedia and so I named my blog as Entertainmentelite. I know my introduction is boring and you can’t wait to read it finish in a split second. Sorry to say, you can’t do that because it is impossible and here comes ‘The Impossible Challenge’. Through my experience, everyone will try any challenge on internet which have proven that humans can’t do it. Weird right… That is why you can’t swallow and breathe at the same time (Caution, do not try this at home, I am not responsible for any injuries or death). Yet, you still try it! Let’s stop right here, can’t give out all my ideas to you right? Wrong!!! But I can tell you my future plans on this blog. It’s not an old grandmother story so don’t worry, sit tight and I will come back after the break.


Welcome back viewers, my future plans huh? Don’t know where to start, most probably I’ll start from A I guess. Promise it’s not going to waste your time but your data, yes! This blog is created for awareness, reviews, essays and more entertainment stuff. This meaning of ‘Entertainment’ is not only to entertainment people, it also consist of education to educate people in all sorts of subjects. From automobile to Zeus the god, everything will be fun to read. It’s not like the old and boring The Times or the colorful yet people is so lazy to read and carry around The Stars, It is what I think as the newest entertainment stories and news. It is already in your hands so grab it and take this chance to learn new things. You can give suggestions on anything and soon a post on what you want will appear in front of your eyes.

Yup… It’s not that long at all so I must have you to enjoy my blog and this blog does not do work on time. This is a free world and I have a free mind.

Thank you and your welcomed.



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